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How to connect to car radio by cable

How to connect to car radio by cable
I can connect my iPod or iPod Touch to my home stereo amplifier via a simple cable connection. How can I connect to my car radio in an equally simple way, by cable (I don't like the FM transmitter thing) (I've got an older radio without iPod connectivity)


Most vehicles have a radio. Most vehicles do not an 1/8th inch headphone jack to connect an audio cable to. Neither do many vehicles have an iPod, iPhone or iPad dock connection. To those who wish to listen to music or spoken word in their cars, trucks or any other motorized equipment I suggest you go to a car audio store with said vehicle. Sales people will detail your options. Understand that nothing expensive is required for this. An audio-in jack will do and a lot of the cheapest CD decks have it built into the face. Maybe a couple hundred dollars with installation?
Assuming you car can take tapes, you can use a Cassette Tape to 3.5mm Jack adapter, as seen here: Cassette Tape Adapter - 3.5 mm
you can always upgrade to a newer stereo head unit with and auxiliary port. You can buy a cheaper one to save some money and they are fairly easy to install yourself. Pioneer makes some great head units.

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