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im having trouble restoring my iPod classic.

im having trouble restoring my iPod classic.
my ipod is a 4th generation (photo) model. i am trying to restore the ipod, but it told me to hook it up to a regular power outlet after it "restored" it on the computer. now ive checked on apples site, ive looked around online, but no one seems to know how long it has to stay on the ac charger or if thats what your really supposed to do. so i was just woundering if this site could tell me or help me find out, thanks for your time!


Ive been fixing a ipod photo this week. I read somewhere that USB supplies 5V where as firewire supplies 15. I dont own any firewire cables or even have the port on my computer anymore so I looked at buying a firewire charger, its quite hard to buy these cheaply now.

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