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iPod Doesn't Play Music or Video

iPod Doesn't Play Music or Video
This iPod charges, and syncs to iTunes. But when it is turned on, it displays a sad iPod icon. If it is turned on after that, it comes on normally, you can navigate through it. Yet, when you try to play music, the count stays at 0:00. I believe the headphone jack is okay because when inserting and removing headphones, the play/pause icons in the corner changed. When you try to fast forward in the song, it still does not play. Additionally, videos do not play, and the iPod freezes when you try to.


yae i had something like that and i fomat it from windows also you can use the disk utility in mac osx and rpair it if its not repair use earaze and then you must go to the itunes and restor it maby its work its sound the hard drive have problem or the data not readable

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