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iPod Nano wont sync to itunes

iPod Nano wont sync to itunes
I recieved this iPod nano 4th generation as gift. My friend said she bought them from Hong Kong. But I can not get this iPod to sync songs from my itunes. The itunes does not even reconize that the iPod nano is even there. Or it will act like it has synced the song and when you turn on iPod nano it says empty disc


ihave one too i just got. and it syncs to the computer like charges but when you bring up itunes it wont connect. it isnt a valid serial number either. but i mean to be honest it still should work. its made in china and im sure if people buy them and use them there then they should work. why shouldnt it?
my ipod nano 2nd gen actualy connected and its not a knock off but i stopped using it for like 7 years and then came back to it it connected to itunes for the first couple of days but then it just stopped.any ideas in how to fix it?

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