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iPod wont fully sync

iPod wont fully sync
Hello. I had an ipod 160gb that the hd went completely out. I traded it to apple, along with $120 bucks for another one. They gave me another 160 gb and it doesnt have the moveable parts hd. It went out within 3 months. Since it doesnt have a warranty, i've come here. When it started messing up, it would skip songs randomly, then pause and not come back or respond for a bit. I decided to restore it which was a bad idea. After I restored it, it came back with error code -69. I tried once more to restore it and it worked, but windows popped up a message saying fix errors on this disk, or skip. After a few times of trying to fix it I did the windows disk fix that popped up and it diddnt seem to help.


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