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Machine will not turn on water remains in tub

Machine will not turn on water remains in tub

Water remains in tub. Machine will not turn on. Main circuit breaker in house good. Does machine have a trip switch?


"saboegmoore, it may not turn on due to still having water in it. It is possible that your filter is clogged and that you have a drain obstruction. If it won't drain check this items according to the Service Manual from here

1. Check Wire Harness connections.

2. Check Drain pump.

3. Check Drain pump motor.

4. Check that the Drain hose and Drain Pump Filter are clear of foreign objects.

5. Check the CCU.

Page 52 of the same manual tells you how to run a diagnostics. See what error code you get on your washer. Of course when you get to the drain pump (available here) check the inlet and outlet for missing socks ;-) etc. sometimes you will find the weirdest things in there.

To clean it

1. Take off the lower front panel

2. Turn the pump filter cover counter-clockwise by hand and remove. Place a bucket or pan underneath it since you will get water spilling out of there.

3. With a set of long pliers, remove the filter. Clean that of any debris etc. and replace it when cleaned.

4. Replace the filter cover and lower panel.

The other thing that could be going on here, is that the drain pump is not working and needing to be replaced. The service manual will have instructions on how to do that. There is also a decent video on here. Hope this helps, good luck."

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