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Magnetron Still Running After Timer Ends

Magnetron Still Running After Timer Ends

I have what appears to be a potentially very dangerous problem with my 2006 Kenmore model 721.66222500 microwave. After heating a meal this morning, the timer ended, and the meal was removed from the microwave. Upon closing the door, I noticed the microwave was still humming. But the turntable was not turning, nor was the exhaust fan running. I opened the door, put a glass of cold water inside, and closed the door again. Humming continued. After 30 secs., I checked the water--it was now hot. Somehow, with no time on the timer, and no command entered to cook, the magnetron is running whenever the door is closed, This is very unsafe, and can probably catch fire before long. Power-cycling the microwave by pulling the cord did not help. Ever heard of this?


Evidently a problem with the timer and you've done well to identify it as potentially dangerous. Not only from the point of view of possible fire but also because it could be very dangerous to try to repair as lethal voltages will be present inside when they normally wouldn't. Unless you can find a professional repairer you should probably dump it, having first cut the mains plug off to dissuade anyone from trying to rescue it.

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