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My iPod touch glass is broken.

My iPod touch glass is broken.
It felt on the floor. Now appears some grey lines in it. Does it have a way to fix it? I'm from Brazil and here there's no way, they only offer a discount on a new one...But I'm going to LA in october and I want to try to fix it.


"The problem with doing glass only, is you often mess up the frame. It's easier to do the whole thing, since you usually break the frames on these. You will not find glass only to be easy. See this guide on how to do it.

Here is the guide on how to swap the screen, if you need it."
"No need to wait until you visit LA in October. iFixit ships to Brazil. Make sure you know exactly which iPod touch model you have before ordering parts: ifixit/Info/ID-your-iPod

Shipping to Brazil is usually pretty cheap, the import taxes/duties are often be more then the shipping cost."

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