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My LG DLE2301R Dryer will not turn on!

My LG DLE2301R Dryer will not turn on!

Okay so I powered on my dryer like normal and when I pressed the start button the whole dryer shut off. The light in the drum comes on when you open the door. I have checked our fuse box and they are all fine tried doing a hard reset as the lg troubleshooting people recommended did not help. Feeling frustrated has worked fine all along never had a problem worked on the clothes prior to the next load to get dried then stopped please help!!!!



could be a control board issue as well as bad door switch and multiple things in between. Here are the instruction on how to check the different components

and here is the wiring diagram

Since you are certain your power supply is of proper voltage (make sure all your fuses/breakers are working for the outlet. Depending on where you are located you may require 220V on it), start with the diagnostics test as seen here and let us know what your display shows you."

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