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New dryer keeps blowing circuit breakers

New dryer keeps blowing circuit breakers

Why does my brand new Whirlpool dryer (WED49STBW) throw the circuit breaker every time I turned it on. First time I turned it on, I had power but no heat. So I went into the garage and flipped the dryers two circuit breakers on and off. Dryer started running and heating but threw both circuit breakers. What could be the problem?


"Could be several things.

A. The dryer is pulling more amps than the breaker is rated for. (check the numbers on the breakers and the manual for amps pulled. Feel the cord and see if it's getting hot. Remember this uses two breakers as it's 220V.

B. To low a gauge wires going to the outlet wall plug. Possibly old damaged wire.

C. loose wires in the machine.

D. a bad component in the dryer (covered by warranty) but don't call till you narrow it down."

Weak breaker the constant tripping and the age of the breaker wear them out over time. Loose connections either on the dryer cord or at the breaker would cause tripping. It’s a good thing there is a problem and the breaker trips. Imagine going out leave your dryer on it doesn’t trip now you have a possible fire. So it’s doing it’s job but could also be tired.

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