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No power after replacing lid switch

No power after replacing lid switch

I replaced the lid switch. When I plugged the unit back it wouldn't power on. The green light inside on the board lights up, but that's it. Nothing else happens.


"If you are having problems with your washing machine’s lid switch, see the Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine Doesn’t Stop Spinning When Lid Is Opened problem page for possible causes and solutions.

That switch is the #1 cause for it not to spin. I would go back in and check my repair and the wiring."


Was the old switch faulty?

If not, and I know you said that you checked the connections, did you test for continuity from the switch to the control board as well?

With the power disconnected, remove the switch cable from the switch and using an Ohmmeter test between the two wires at the connector socket point back towards the board and see if there is a reading at all. If not identify the switch wires at the control board and prove each one from the switch connector.

Just a thought and if OK or you have done this apologies."

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