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No sound from left ear.

No sound from left ear.
The left wire on my headphones may have gotten pulled a bit as I am no longer able to get sound from the left side. Is this something that is repairable or worth opening them up and taking a look? These are out of the manufacturers warranty.


"If you have a dead side when connected with a cable, you’re going to have to open them up. A solder connection probably failed. EPA and EU approved lead-free solder can fail for no real reason at all. Premium products like V-Moda usually use high silver content solder that can be just as good as the lead doped stuff, but who’s to say their factory partner didn’t cheap out for a run.

If it works fine when wired, but there’s a dead side with Bluetooth there are some possible easy fixes. First, try to reset the firmware by turning the headphones on, make sure nothing is connected, then hold the volume up and down buttons for at least 3 seconds until you hear a tone. If that doesn’t work, start playing something over Bluetooth, and while it is still playing connect an audio cable (not charging) that isn’t connected to anything on the other end. Leave it connected just long enough for the sound to stop playing, then take the cable out. Credit to iFixit user Rohith for that last solution. If that still doesn’t work, it’s probably a failed solder connection."
This makes no sense to me! New M1 Mac Mini, no microphone included, obviously, decided to use my Crossfade Wireless as a mic input, 1st gen CF I think… no audio from left ear cup over BT, not from the computer, not from my phone over BT either, despite it having always worked up to now. Reset the firmware of the headphones as suggested above to no avail, did the cable plug-in then quickly pulled the cord out and that fixed it.
So I’ll add this as a separate answer, as I haven’t seen it mentioned yet.
I'‘ve had two pairs of Vmoda headphones, the first pair (crossfade) failed in the left ear just after the warranty ran out so Vmoda’s fancy named six star customer service team sold me an immortal life upgrade (which I was happy to pay for), but after import tax to the UK ended up being about the same price as a new pair anyway. My second pair (crossfade wireless), the bluetooth failed around the end of the warranty time (wireless have 1 year warranty, crossfade have 2 year). Having a 1 year warranty on expensive headphones is pretty useless especially if the bluetooth breaks!! I’ve never heard of bluetooth breaking. I assume they are aware of the issues because they made a decision to provide less warranty. Anyway, they still worked wired so I didn't mind too much. Six star customer service team (makes me laugh that name) weren’t particularly helpful they offered me the immortal life programme again, which I guess is their solution and might be more affordable for US customers. 2 year later, so 3 years after purchasing the left ear has now started stuttering, I won’t even bother to get in touch with their customer service.

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