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Plasma tv with sound but no picture

Plasma tv with sound but no picture

I have a 65" Plasma Samsung TV that is only 3 years old and one day the screen just went black. There is sound and no cords were unplugged or loose but the picture was completely lost. There are indicator lights that it's working obviously since we still have sound but not sure where the picture disappeared to.


I have a 43" plasma that had the same problem. After experimenting with several boards I found that the Y sustain board was bad. It cost less then $70.00 to replace. Again, check out the videos available on You Tube; I call it You Tube University. You will find videos relating to Samsung Plasma tv's. Since they are mo longer making plasma tv's you might want to hold on to the one you got. Believe me you can fix it for less than a new comparable set.

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