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Remote Doesn't "Talk" To The Fan

Remote Doesn't "Talk" To The Fan

I watched* my electrician reset the code within the fan housing (a small plastic ‘box’ with dip switches) a couple of years back the first time the remote/fan combination quit working. Well, it stopped working again.


"Hi @michael_1213

Is there power available at the fan i.e. can you turn on the light/fan manually etc?

Here’s the instructions on how to set up the dip switches to enable the remote to work with the fan’s controller receiver board.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you can’t get it to work when trying any of the 16 possible combinations, then either the remote is faulty or the receiver board for the fan is faulty.

Does the receiver board look OK i.e. not burnt or distorted?

If not, then the option is to get either a new remote control - supplier example only or a new receiver board for the fan.

Here’s an image that may help with installing the new receiver board, maybe.

You may have to check the model number of the receiver board and then try to find a replacement by searching online for Hampton Bay (insert receiver board model number) receiver board, to find suppliers of a suitable replacement. There should be an installation guide with the replacement board

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)"

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