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Remote won’t turn tv on and red light not on

Remote won’t turn tv on and red light not on

Hi, my tv won’t turn on using the remote but will turn on using the side buttons on the tv. I’ve noticed the red light has gone too. Any ideas as to what has happened?



What is the model number of the TV?

Does the TV operate normally when you use the TV’s control buttons, i.e. picture OK, audio OK, change Channels OK etc?

The red Standby LED may be faulty although this would be unusual if the TV is working OK otherwise or perhaps if it is close to the TV’s IR (infra red) receiver for the remote control unit, they may be on the same board and perhaps a loose board cable connection may be the problem.

The TV would have to be opened and the problem further investigated.

If you decide to do this be safety aware as there is exposed lethal voltage in the back of a TV. Totally disconnect the power from the TV first before removing the back cover and doing anything in the back of the TV

To verify that it is only the one problem and not two, TV and remote, have you checked that the batteries in the remote are OK and also that there is nothing blocking the TV’s IR window (usually on the front bezel area of the TV below the screen) from receiving the remote’s IR signal, you didn’t say?

If so try testing the TV’s remote control using a digital camera or the camera in a mobile phone to see if it is working OK.

Turn on the camera (or open the phone’s camera app) and then point the end of the TV remote that is usually directed towards the TV towards the camera lens. Look at the end of the remote through the LCD screen of the camera or the phone and then press any button on the remote. You should see the remote’s IR LED light turn on. If you can’t see it in the LCD screen, try another button on the remote. Usually the Power, CH Up/Dn and Vol Up/Dn are the most often used buttons and the button’s contact surface on the underside of the button may be worn out, so try a less often used button

If you don’t see the light turn on at all, try testing another known working IR remote control from another device to make sure that you are testing correctly"

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