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The Brown connector broken.

The Brown connector broken.

The brown connector break one of the arms. I still have it, what should i to do fix battery cable?


@Wolfson. Great detective work my Man :) I ripped one pin of the battery connector from the board and so I appreciate you tracing out where the pins go to as I may be able to superglue that one pin to the board and run a fine magnet wire to where you kindly showed me it goes. I will give it a try over the Christmas holidays and report back with my progress good or bad. We appreciate the time that you took to do this and then thoroughly document it so well complete with many photos. You are a good Ifixit member

If the brown hold down is broke, I cut a small piece of notebook paper that would fit into the connector and slide the ribbon on top of it, make sure the ribbon is all the way in.

Hey I don't know if you still need an answer but i've managed to fix my Ipod Video with the same problem. I did it the cheap way and with Super Glue!

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