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The freezer in my refrigerator freezer isn't freezing

The freezer in my refrigerator freezer isn't freezing My elderly dad and step-mom have a nice refrigerator/freezer which hasn’t worked well for the past few years. It’s always the same problem. The refrigerator is fine but the freezer will occasionally quit freezing resulting in items spoiling by the time they realize it. After it’s emptied out and cleaned, it still doesn’t work. They call in a repair person and it usually starts working but they’ve never been able to convey to me what was wrong. Sometimes the repair person can’t figure it out but a month or so later, it just starts working again. (They have some forgetfulness problems). It’s broken again and they can’t afford the repairman (who may or may not be able to fix it). Any suggestions? It’s possible that they are doing something incorrectly.

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"HI @confusedkaye ,

It makes perfect sense.

If it only shows up sometimes this also indicates that it is intermittent and perhaps this is why the freezer only fails occasionally and is not evident at other times.

Here's a link to the part. It is taken from this supplier's website. It is shown only to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There may be other suppliers that suit you better. Just search for RFG297HDRS/XAA defrost sensor to get results.

Unfortunately the supplier’s website doesn’t show the location of the defrost sensor in the refrigerator, (and it isn’t even mentioned as a part on other supplier’s websites) so if you do go with the supplier mentioned, contact them and ask if they know the exact location of the sensor.

In most refrigerators the defrost sensor is close to the evaporator unit as its’ function is to stop the evaporator getting too warm when the refrigerator is in the auto defrost mode, by signalling to the control board to stop the auto defrost mode and restart the compressor to cool the refrigerator back down again. The evaporator unit is located behind a panel on the inside of the freezer compartment at the back, as shown in this link (Item #1 is the evaporator, Item #2 is the evaporator cover.

Hopefully this is of some help."