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There is oil mixed with The water in radiator of. my Chevy S10

There is oil mixed with The water in radiator of. my Chevy S10 Mechanic told me could be I need to replace seal on my intake? Does he mean intake manifold?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

What years the truck and what motor is in it . A mix of oil in the coolant can be a result of broken seals in the intake manifold or the head gaskets . Something you may want to look into before fixing the truck is , is there coolant in the oil as well, does the oil on the dipstick look like chocolate milk or coffee with cream . is there a creamy scum on the bottom of the oil filler lid? If the answer is yes to any of these then its more apt to be a bad head gasket . If the oil is milky then the bearings in the bottom end will need to be replaced as well as the rod bearings and wristpins . If you just replace the gasket and don't address the other issues then its only a matter of time before the motor goes completely. Hope this helps
mcgyver89 [Entry]

christinezaf , Yes,(faulty) intake manifold gasket is one possibility to get oil contamination into the coolant. He may have performed a pressure test to determine this. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.
Eohaxg [Entry]

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