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Wait to start light will not come on

Wait to start light will not come on The wait to start light will not turn on that is on the dash. The truck won't start?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

Check your fuse box under the hood for any slot labeled ignition or PCM or glow plug. Check the fuse and make sure it's not blown.
mcgyver89 [Entry]

Nope check the bulb in ur instrument panel first. Tiny bulbs do burn out. On time for glow plugs is actually commanded by the pcm and not the idm if a 7.3L. depending on the year u have a glow plug relay that looks like a starter relay or a gpcm. To Test the starter style relay there are 2 large wires one will have constant 12v the other will not until u turn koeo ( key on engine off) once that's been done the other large wire ajasent to other will receive 12 v as well and the pcm will shut it off depending on vehicle block temp. If it doesn't “ jump" to other terminal ur relay is bad and needs replacement.