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Washer does not rinse

Washer does not rinse

I started a load of clothes the washer filled with water and washed the clothes when it got to the the rinse cycle is just stopped no noise. The water is still in there, I tried to restart the cycle and it did and stopped in the same place at Rinse.....


"When the cycle doesn't advance, it's probably the timer or a cold-water supply problem:

It's the timer, if your washing machine fills with water and begins agitating, but the timer never advances--or if the washer is in a spin cycle and the timer won't advance. Then you need to replace the timer."

"Check the lid down safety switch. On the lid there is a small spike that goes through a hole when the lid is down.

Under the hole is a switch that allows the timer to advance and the washer to spin only when the lid is down. Two screws hold the switch in place and the plastic switch will sometimes break and be hanging by the wires."

my kenmore 400 series works great until it gets to rinse cycle then it stop s but the lid switch i have read about has a hole so you can push switch manually mine doesn't its a magnetic one

Tried a screwdriver still wont drain. I had to take the hose an hang out the door to drain out the water. What do I try now?

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