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Washer seems to get "stuck" during filling for rinse/spin cycles

Washer seems to get "stuck" during filling for rinse/spin cycles

I have a 20+ yo Kenmore and we noticed it was taking a long, long time to get through its cycle. It got through the wash cycle OK, but would sit at the "pause/cooldown" point while two narrow streams of water filled the tub from the rear. I didn't time it, but it just didn't want to finish unless we advanced the timer manually. I wasn't even looking at water level at the time.


You might have clogged inlet valve solenoids here. If you state you have full pressure at the valves coming from the wall, then the only restriction from there to the tub can be from the inlet valves themselves. These are replaceable and easy to do as they come as a set.

Wow, this post is really old however Google got me here as I am having the same problem. Problem is, neither of these can be the issue I don’t believe. When the washer fills to rinse, I get hot and cold with good pressure. At rinse cycle time, I get two small streams of water whether it is hot or cold water. I don’t believe it can be pressure or a clog, it just started happening and the flow of water works perfectly for the initial wash cycle. Why would I have no water at rinse cycle only?

"The water valve of the washer are operated by a.c. voltage that are applied by a programmer (cam switches).

It is possible at the rinse cycle the cam switches are intermittent or do not apply full voltage to open the valves,

resulting in narrow or intermittent streams. Try to examine the cam switch if are inclined to."

"Try pulling the drain hose out of the drain , and replace-seating the hose in the drain

make sure not to push the hose too far down the drain"

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