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Washing agitator is too slow?

Washing agitator is too slow?

Hello everyone! I have a Kenmore 90 Series. I love my washer but latety the agitator in the machine do not move so fast like it used to. How can I fix it to be faster again. The rest of the machine works great, but like is slower than before, dont not wash clothes very well and when you have kids....I need to fix it ASAP. Where should I go in this machine to fix it. If there any belts to be adjust or any bolts. Im a lady but I can handle it. Thanks everyone....have a blessed day!!


liz, looks like your 90 series is a direct drive. So, no belts. It is possible that your transmission is starting to either fail or gummed up, or that your clutch is starting to wear. I attached a diagram from www.searspartsdirect.com and number 5 is the clutch and number 9 is the transmission. Here is a good guide for getting to the parts. Hope this will get you started. Let us know what you find so we can further help you out. Good Luck

One other thing to check, make sure the selector is not stuck in the gentle cycle. That will cause the machine agitator to work slow, "Gently"

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