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What does an F71 failure mean.

What does an F71 failure mean.

We had a power failure. My Kenmore elite HE3 washer door was open at the time.


Bonnie Frerking ,"the F70 and F71 error codes on this model of washer indicates a communication problem between the user interface control board and the central control unit (main control board). These error codes can sometimes be caused by a power surge or glitch through the electrical lines. Try unplugging the washer to completely disconnect electrical power. Wait 1 minute and then plug the washer back in to the see if the fault code clears. If the code reappears, then you could have a wire harness connection problem, a failed user interface control board or a failed central control unit." from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

"We had the F70 error code. Tried unplugging for a while, but when plugged back in, it was ""really dead"" (no light, just a beep when I pushed buttons). Had Sears repair out and they said we needed to replace the main control board. Complete estimate for the repair was over $600 (about what I paid for it new). We declined and paid the $75 for the service call. Repairman said he wasn't supposed to do this, but the part we need is 8183196. (this is actually a Whirpool part, so I was a little confused at first until I saw it was actually used in many different lines, like Kenmore and Maytag) We could probably find one on online and replace it ourselves cheaper.

Searched online: www.Searspartsdirect.com = $391.34, www.partstore.com =$260.06, www.easyapplianceparts.com =$219.20, www.topappliance.com =$207.48 (new) and CGI rebuild +$154.32 (but none in stock). Ordered the part from topappliance.com and received it in 3 days. My husband and son replaced it in about 30min, but did have some difficulty reaching everything they needed in a pretty tight area. But, part was put in 2 days ago and works like new (so far). Hope this is helpful."

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