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Where can I buy a new cord for my google mini

Where can I buy a new cord for my google mini
My dog chewed through the power cord in my google home mini. Where can I buy a replacement? Best Buy wasn’t sure if any cord would work.


"It uses any standard “micro usb” charge cable and charge port.

Take a look at the end of the cord and I bet you’ll find one that matches that within your house. You can then plug that cord into any standard USB outlet.

The only thing that MIGHT trip you up is if the cable you find has a base that is too wide to fit within the device’s small opening. If you find a cable that does not work, just make sure it’s fully seating."
The Home Mini accepts power from a Micro USB cable. A charger that outputs anywhere between 1-2A should be fine
going to GameStop you got your charger

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