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Why does it get stuck in 3rd gear?

Why does it get stuck in 3rd gear? 2004 Dodge Dakota 4.7.. When driving it will shift into what seems to be 3rd gear and won't come out of it until I turn truck off and back. Sometimes it is still stuck when turning truck back on. It does this randomly. It will drive normal for a couple of days then get stuck and will stay stuck for a few days. Check engine light stays on and Code reader says PO760 Shift Solenoid C, when I clear the code the truck will drive normal for a little ways and the check engine light goes off until it gets stuck then the light comes back on. I have changed transmission fluid and filter, replaced Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) and replaced the Transmission Speed Sensor but hasn't helped. Any advice on what could be wrong with it would be great

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