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Why does my lcd screen go black

Why does my lcd screen go black

MY lg 42lc55 lcd screen goes black the back light is still on and I've done the flashlight test and can't see any pictures and if I leave for it 30 mins for the back to get warm the picture comes back I don't lose any audio plz help


"@gazzayoung could be an issue with the power board, T-con board or the main board. Remove the back of your set and take a look at the boards. You'll need a multimeter to measure the voltages on the connectors starting at your power board. Work your way forward from there. See if you find some obviously damaged components. This sounds like a capacitor or FET issue. Post some pictures of all of your boards as well as their layout in your TV. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

Update (01/22/2018)

@gazzayoung I think a replacement board is the way to go. Hope it works out for you."

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