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Why is my drain pipe overflowing?

Why is my drain pipe overflowing?

My washer has been causing overflow in the drain pipe. We used a Drain King on the pipe and ran a hose full blast down the pipe afterwards with no overflow problems. But when the washer drains, it continues to overflow. Having ruled out the drain pipe being the issue, I can only imagine that there is a drain sensor or the drain pump that is no longer inhibiting the flow to a rate that the pipe should be able to handle without overflowing. Thoughts?


"A common problem is an old house with a newer washer. Older homes have a drain pipe of 1 1/2in, newer ones now have 2 3/8in. The smaller pipe can have issues keeping up with newer washers.

Solution is to replace the pipe with a larger one. Depending on your plumbing skills, it not too hard a job."

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