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Why is my dryer not hot enough?

Why is my dryer not hot enough?

I have an old Maytag gas dryer model DG9800. It takes 2 hours to dry a regular load, with some parts still being damp. I checked the vent from outside and the air seemingly went out fine. When the dryer was running, I opened the door to feel inside, and it was just warm (95-100 F). I noticed the flame went on, stay there for a few minutes, then went off. Such happens a few time during the drying process. I assume it would be hot even if the vent was clogged a little bit, so I think it is due to that the flame went off too soon, before the temperature reached the target. Is this correct, and if so, which part could be faulty? Thanks!


It is more than likely one of your ignition coils on the gas valves not heating up enough to ignite the flame reliably. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzLUYVUD...

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