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Why is my repaired fridge using too much power?

Why is my repaired fridge using too much power? I have a Whirlpool side-by-side 638 litre fridge, model number 6ED2FHKXKQ00, that I purchased in 2002. Recently it broke down and the repairer told me it was the compressor. They took away the fridge, replaced the compressor and returned it.

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

Andrew Kirk, it appears that you are on to something. Yes, the compressor does get very hot. From your images, it appears that yours is a static condenser type (coils on back), that means the compressor will run hot. There should be a fan by the condenser, check to make sure it is functioning. The best way of determining if there is a problem, would be by checking the amperage on the compressor during its run operation. Check the label on the compressor that will give you what the run amperage should be. The blue wire may be for a control of the compressor on different models, not necessarily something that is wrongly wired. Of course, the harder the compressor has to work, the more power it will be using. Hope this helps, good luck.