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Why is my screen black but I can still hear the sound?

Why is my screen black but I can still hear the sound?

My screen is black but I can still hear the sound pipe unplugged it plugged it back in and turned it off turned it on and the screen is still black



first you need to clarify for us if your TV is a LG 60LM6450. The reasons why you have no image can be caused by multiple errors. It could be a failed power board, failed main board, failed T-con board, failed backlight array (common on LG TV). It is the main board that tells your power board to turn on the backlight. So, you have to check the connections from the power to the main board. Then you have to check the backlight connector on the power board to see if there is power to the backlight. It is not really complicated but requires a few steps to troubleshoot. Remove the back from your TV and take some good pictures of your boards and the complete layout. Post those pictures with your question. That will help us by seeing what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that."

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