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Why is my washer starting and stopping

Why is my washer starting and stopping

When I turn the washer on, the agitator starts moving even with the lid open and the water fills the tub. The wash cycle will run for 10 seconds and then stop for 5 or so minutes, then run for 10 seconds, etc... It takes hours for the whole thing to complete if it ever does.


"Robert, Try another receptacle to rule out a intermittent faulty receptacle. It sounds like you may be having an overheat issue or bad wire/plug connection, worn out over heating timer contacts or a motor on it's way out. Unplug machine and remove coverings to access and check all plugs/wires for damage, pinched, burnt, corrosion. See if you can see burnt contacts on timer or if it smells burnt. This is where you have to be careful as the machine has to be plugged in to check this, run machine till it quits, now check with DVOM/volt meter to see if motor is still receiving full voltage at the connection terminals. If motor still receiving full voltage motor is faulty, if no power the problem is further up in wire harness or timer faulty. Links below may be of some help. Good luck.

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