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R.A. 9710

I just would like to know if my enterpretation on R.A 9710 Chapter IV Sec. 18 , The Special Leave for Women is correct. Accordingly, any female who undergo Dilatation and Curettage or (D & C) could avail such kind of leave. I wanted to know if I am allowed for 2 months leave of absence or only 2 weeks? Since the procedure is only considered as minor. If so, the later is only allowed for my case? Right? Does it also mean I wouldn't be allowed for a 2 months full pay ? Please help me understand further.

How about if the the surgery occurs during summer April or May, will I be Allowed for a double pay? I am a High School Teacher by the way..

Please send my your answer to my email judelois@yahoo.com

Thank you

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