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Summary of tell me your dreams aiko melendez was it for general patronage?

Summary of tell me your dreams aiko melendez was it for general patronage?

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"The movie Tell Me Your Dreams was approved for General Patronage. The DepEd also released a memorandum inviting all supervisors, school heads, students, and parents to watch the movie.  It is a story about Divina, a teacher, and her sacrifices in teaching. The movie emphasizes the impact that teachers have in the lives of their students.

Here’s the summary of the movie:

Tell Me Your Dreams was a movie about the life and sacrifices of Divina (Aiko Melendez) as a teacher.  Divina chose to leave her husband and children and move to the mountains to teach the Aetas.  Her journey in teaching the Aetas was not easy.  However, her compassion towards them and dedication caused the Aetas to like Divina.  One of those Aetas was Toto.  

An accident started to change the way things were going for Divina.  One of her students drowned while under her supervision. She did not hesitate to save the child. However, Divina was suspended from teaching.  In the midst of her heartache, she got sick with malaria.  This sickness caused her unexpected death.

Her death was difficult for Divina's students, especially for Toto.  Divina developed a deep and special relationship with Toto when she was still alive.  She served as a second mother to Toto.  She influenced and encouraged him to strive to be better.   Even after Divina was gone, Toto did not stop studying.  He was able to finish college. He became the first teacher in his Aeta community.

Divina became an inspiration to her students. Even though she already passed away, Divina was with her students as they dream and aspire to reach their goals.  It took one person and her compassion for others to encourage those children.  She inspired them to dream and strive to reach those dreams.

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