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Can I Get Cedula (Community Tax Certificate or CTC) in Baranggay Office?

Occasionally, I will be posting some questions of our guests who posted comments on some of our articles. And we will be answering them here in an article also.

Here's a question from Philip:

"Can I get CEDULA in baranggay office? I need CEDULA for my job application." - by Philip

Can I get CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate or CTC) in Baranggay Office?


Yes. You can get CEDULA in a baranggay office anywhere in the Philippines.

Baranggay offices can now issue CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate or CTC). Baranggay offices are open Monday to Friday.

No requirements needed when you get a CEDULA in the baranggay. You will just need to pay its cost.

The cost of CEDULA may differ in each city, municipality or baranggay. Its cost may range from ₱ 60.00 to ₱ 200.

This is what CEDULA looks like:

CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate or CTC)

If you apply a job or open a new business in a particular city/municipality, you should get a CEDULA on that same city.


CEDULA, also known as the Community Tax Certificate (CTC), is one of the primary forms of identification in the Philippines. Cities, municipalities, and even baranggays issue this certificate to persons who are at least 18 years old.

CEDULA is one of the requirements when you apply for a job in the Philippines, when you open a new business, and when you get government IDs.

Do you have a problem in getting a CEDULA in your area? Tell us in the comment below.

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Anne   (15 August 2019 11:58 AM)

how can I get cedula if im 16 years old,,I need it for job application.

Sher   (20 July 2019 11:17 AM)

Can i get a cedula even if i'm 15 yeard old?

Ren   (15 July 2019 7:16 PM)

Can I get a cedula without having a job and not currently looking for a job? I read in some other sources that I need to have been employed for and have a regular salary. I need it to get a police clearance to register for a prc account

Meann   (03 March 2019 4:17 PM)

Hi good day!..
I would like to ask if cedula can issue by accountable officer to his or her residence and after office hours?.

confuse   (27 February 2019 8:37 AM)

our company was located to a certain barangay but i am not living exactly on the same barangay of my work place.Is it obligatory to get my cedula on my work place barangay or to where i live?

Fresh Grad   (22 August 2018 3:48 PM)

Hi! I am a fresh grad applying for my first job. I just got my CTC and made a mistake of declaring my salary (I should have know better). I just wanted to know that if the next time i get a CTC (for other purposes or after expiry) can i opt not to declare my salary then?