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How to Copy-Paste Enye (ñ)?

You can copy-paste the letter enye (ñ) in different ways according to the device you're using. Let's find out below:

Using Mobile Phone and Tablet

Choose any of the letter enye (ñ) below. Long-press the letter enye (ñ) to highlight it and a small window will pop-up in your mobile phone. In that small window, click COPY to copy the letter enye (ñ). See screenshot below for better understanding.

ñ   ñ   ñ   Ñ   Ñ   Ñ

Copy Paste Enye (ñ)
Copy-paste letter enye (ñ) using Mobile Phone

To paste the enye (ñ), just like copying, long-press in the screen, the small window will pop-up, click PASTE.

Using Computer (Desktop or Laptop)

Using your mouse, highlight any of the letter enye (ñ) below, right-click on it, and click Copy:

ñ   ñ   ñ   Ñ   Ñ   Ñ

Copy-paste enye (ñ) using computer

To paste the enye (ñ) in a computer, right-click on your mouse, select Paste. Or you can paste using the Keyboard shortcut. How? Hold-press Ctr button while pressing letter V (Ctr + V = Paste).

Keyboard Shortcut for Copying and Pasting Texts in a Computer

To Copy Texts:

In your keyboard, hold and press Ctrl button while pressing letter C (Ctrl + C).

To Paste Texts:

In your keyboard, hold and press Ctrl button while pressing letter V (Ctrl + V).

Sample of Letter Enye (ñ) Character in Different Sizes

ñ   ñ   ñ   Ñ   Ñ   Ñ

ñ   ñ   Ñ   Ñ

Are you having a problem in copying and pasting the letter enye (ñ)?

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