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How to Deposit in Metrobank? (the Fastest and Instant Way)

Let me share with you the fastest way to deposit in Metrobank.

You might be irritated oftentimes seeing a lot of people waiting in line before they can transact over-the-counter with the bank.

Such a waste of precious minutes if you join them in the line.

This method I'm going to share with you could be the dirtiest way (for others) but the smartest way (for me) if you know what you're doing.

Here' s the secret.

First, you must have a lot of confidence with yourself. If you already established a close relationship with the bank employee who will handle your deposit transaction, it will be easier for you to do this.

Go inside the Metrobank branch, fill-out the deposit slip. Here's how to fill-out the Metrobank deposit slip:

Metrobank Deposit Slip

Go directly to the counter.

If you're not yet familiar with the bank employee, talk to him/her nicely and make her as your friend. Talk to her cuteness, awesomeness, nice jewelry, nice hair, nice glasses, nice eyes or anything that appreciates her.

After seconds of appreciation, you must tell the bank employee that you need to deposit the money immediately and give her a reason that you have an emergency situation to attend to. And your presence is highly needed.

If the money you're going to deposit amounts to hundreds of thousand or millions, you must give her a tip put inside an envelope. That's the way to thank here awesomeness.

Save your friends/family's time by sharing this post to them. They'll be happy to know a smarter way to do simple things like this.

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