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Can I transfer money from my Metrobank account to other banks through Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect)?...

Is it possible to transfer money from your Metrobank account to other banks (example, Uniobank, BDO, BPI, China Bank, East West Bank, PSBank, etc.) account through Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect)?
The answer is no.

Online fund transfer is for Metrobank to Metrobank accounts only.

So you cannot transfer money from your Metrobank account to other banks (BDO, Unionbank, BPI, UCPB, etc.) through Metrobank online banking.

Do you want Metrobank to allow online fund transfer from Metrobank to other banks?

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"Can I transfer money from my Metrobank account to other banks through Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect)?" was written by Mary under the Banking category. It has been read 53526 times and generated 1 comments. The article was created on and updated on 13 June 2013.
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Mariel Villarey [Entry]

Yes i would like to suggest/comment/feedback if you can add feature to transfer from metrobank to other bank as it will be more easy both for the bank and consumer..
Peter Jer Frisco [Entry]

Horrible bank... limited internet banking facilities and much more the mobile app is the worst of its kind and they don't really care about it. What a big mistake for me opening an account here.
Karen [Entry]

Yes please allow us to transfer to other bank thru online banking
Jackie [Entry]

Can i transfer fund from my metrobank acct to sterling bank thru atm?
Shyna Babe Digno [Entry]

Good Day,

Good morning, I need help regarding the Transfer of Funds to another account which is also Metrobank account. The receiver of the fund I transferred, can't able to withdraw through his ATM card the amount, and the machine displays NO FINANCIAL INSTITUTION FOUND today. but Ebanking acknowledged my transfer and has deducted the amount from my account. If I transfer A fund like today Saturday, or Sunday , am I able to withdraw it today or will be available weekdays only?
Ande Galula [Entry]

what's the use of internet banking if you can't transfer funds to other bank account?
Lea [Entry]

That was a big mistake of opening an account to Metrobank. I cant believe they dont have that kind of feature. I'm planning to just switch to Bdo instead. THIS HAVE BROUGHT ME SO MUCH HUSSLE ALREADY!
Lynn [Entry]

Yes, I want this capability from metrobank
Bruce [Entry]

absolutely yes!! for faster and hassle free service, you can also additional charges for that service..
Mac [Entry]

Yes, it will so helpful for us to allow transfer funds from Metrobank to other banks.
reyse [Entry]

hi!.. how can i transfer money from my metro bank to other party accountt like bpi..bdo... since the only option is to enter the 13 digit account number. However the other account has only 10 digits account..
Brenda Zamora [Entry]

yes please. This is a nice answer. The real answer I can't post apparently
Brenda Zamora [Entry]

why are you asking this question ? Does a bear shit in the woods ? LOL
Naturally. Clown bank.
Brenda Zamora [Entry]

absolutely. Backwards bank. What kind of question is that ? This is a feature that needs to be put in place ASAP
concerned citizen [Entry]

Yes that feature is a MUST HAVE,that's the true meaning of hustle free online banking.....
allowing customers to transfer from your bank (Metrobank) to other banks...
Thank You and God bless...

PS:I hope it'll be implemented....
Inconvinienced customer [Entry]

Yes. How hard is it to provide this service? This is almost a no-brainer must have when you think about "online banking".
AppleA [Entry]

Yes please.
Arnelle Magat [Entry]

YES!!! I want Metrobank to allow online fund transfer from Metrobank to other banks like BDO, Unionbank, BPI, UCPB, etc.
al randy [Entry]

I transfer
Dette B. Macapagal [Entry]

why it takes 2-3 days before i receive the fund transfer on my account? its too long for me. can you change this metrobank?
Jonna Villanueva [Entry]

How many days before ma reflect yung funds na trinansfer from Union Bank Eon Card to my MetroBank Savings Card? Pa help please. Thanks,
Daryl Oliveros [Entry]

Yes please.. Include this feature.. We will be more convenient if you have this feature...
Neil Rennie [Entry]

I transfered money to by Metrobank account from my BDO Account. But I cannot do the same from Metrobank to other banks in the Philippines. Why not?
Alvin [Entry]

i agree, please include this feature in metrobank direct. I think this will be a great additonal tool, plus it would be very useful if in case we would need to transfer money to relatives that has other bank accounts
Guest [Entry]

Alvin, you're right. Metrobank should implement this type of feature for the convenience of their clients regarding fund transfer.