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Transfer Money from Metrobank to BDO thru Online Banking?

Some of you might want to transfer money or funds from your Metrobank account to a BDO account thru Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect). And you may wonder if it's possible to do that. Is it really possible to transfer money from Metrobank account to BDO account thru online banking?

Transfer Money from Metrobank to BDO thru Online Banking




No. As of this date, it's not possible to transfer money from Metrobank account to BDO account thru Metrobank online banking. Metrobank's online banking website (https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/) has no such feature to transfer or send money to another local bank such as BDO (Banco de Oro).


With Metrobank online banking, you can only transfer money from Metrobank account to Metrobank account. You can transfer funds from your Metrobank account to your other Metrobank account or to other people's Metrobank account.


It would be very useful for Metrobank accountholders to have an online fund transfer to another local bank facility. Imagine the convenience and the time saved if such feature be implemented. You don't need to go to a local bank in order to deposit the money you want to deposit. I would jump in happiness if that feature will be added.




  • If you want to transfer money to a BDO account, you can deposit the money over-the-counter of a BDO branch.
  • Or if you have a BDO account enrolled to BDO online banking, you can transfer money from your BDO account to other BDO account thru BDO online banking.
  • By the way, BDO online banking has a facility to transfer funds/money to another local bank account (e.g. Metrobank, Unionbank, UCBP, Landbank, BPI, etc.)


Do you want for Metrobank to have an "Online Fund Transfer to Another Local Bank" feature to their online banking website? Please share us your thoughts in the comment below.


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Shang   (10 June 2018 7:08 PM)
Yes pls! make an option for this to your online banking. It would be very helpful. Thanks!

AC   (10 June 2018 10:11 AM)

JOHN   (03 May 2018 3:20 PM)
yes pls. it would be helpful to us if you add this category to your online banking. Your prompt action is needed. Thank you.

Nerie   (18 January 2018 7:35 AM)
Yes. Definitely. Would be bery very helpful if Metrobank has the capability to transfer online to another bank.

khiem   (15 January 2018 11:34 AM)
it would be very helpful if we can transfer funds from metrobank to other local banks, especially when we are here abroad.

Bel   (10 January 2018 9:17 AM)
I hope metrobank has also the facility to transfer funds to other banks like what bdo offers

VANESSA SANTILLAN   (20 December 2017 7:46 PM)
Yes!! For a bank who boast they have trillon in assets, it is an embarassment to not be able to keep up with competitors in terms of online service and facility.

tsss   (22 October 2017 7:57 AM)
Useless article

Bruce   (11 August 2017 9:17 AM)
do i want that feature? DEFINITELY YES!

Mon   (12 July 2017 5:10 PM)

Yel   (15 June 2017 7:06 AM)
Yeah! it would be really great to be able to transfer funds from Metrobank to BDO, I hope Metrobank will look into it.

Kevin   (13 January 2017 5:56 AM)
It will be more convenient for Metrobank Account Owners to be able to transfer their money to another bank online. It just shows that, Metrobank does not give any convenience to their customer. Lame!

ABRAHAM U. ASANJI   (29 November 2016 11:56 PM)
Oh I really loved too.... Metrobank fund transfer is sooooooo poooor! I can not even used the Metrobank direct to transfer to World Cash Card! Their customer service is also very poor! Once the your debit / credit card get into trouble and you are out of the country no one can help you! Their email service can not help you either!

I am just praying that Metrobank can provide features transferring fund even to another bank. I am thinking of switching to BDO if BDO can do such a thing.

Ma. Alexis Joy Sulit   (03 June 2016 0:55 AM)
Hi I'm a ofw here from KSA I hope that metrobank can make an online transferring to other bank account so I can easily send money to my love one in the philippines immediately. Thanks

Tess Larona   (25 April 2016 9:07 AM)
Hello good day!

I really wanted to have/there is Transfer Funds from metrobank -- Cash Pickup.
In metrobank online there is Cash pickup anywhere but I don't know how to send.
Please help me how may I do these?
Thank you.

arcee   (12 March 2016 8:06 AM)
Hi! It would've been nice if we are allowed to transfer money from your metrobank accounts to local banks, such as BPI and BDO.