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How to Transfer Money Thru Metrobank Online Banking

When sending money to someone, are you getting used in using Money Transfer (Kwarta Padala) agents? Or are you also getting used in going to the bank to deposit the money to the person's bank account?

Transfer of money cannot only be done through over-the-counter in banks. Through Metrobank online banking (MetrobankDirect), you can transfer money anytime and anywhere. Here's the procedure on how to transfer money from one of your Metrobank account to your other Metrobank account. This is the way I transfer money or funds from my Metrobank account in one province to my other Metrobank account in other province. You can also use this service in transferring money from your Metrobank account to another Metrobank account which is owned by another person (third-party accounts).

Step 1

It is required that you have a Metrobank account which is enrolled in Metrobank's online banking service called MetrobankDirect.

Step 2

Log-in to your Metrobank online banking account ( https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/ ). Go to DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS --> eBANKING SOLUTIONS --> TRANSFER FUNDS.--> SINGLE FUND TRANSFER.

Transfer Funds Metrobank 1

1. Transfer Funds

2. Select Source Account - choose which Metrobank account you want to transfer money from.

3. Select Target Account - choose which Metrobank account you want to transfer money to. You can also transfer to other person's Metrobank account (Unregistered account).

4. Enter Amount - enter the amount of money you want to transfer.

5. Select Transfer Type - choose Immediate if you want to transfer money right now or choose Scheduled if you want to transfer money in the future date.

6. Continue button - click this button to continue the transaction (transfer of funds).

Step 3

After you click the Continue button, you will receive the following Transaction Confirmation:

Money Transfer Metrobank 2

Details of the transaction shown in the Transaction Confirmation are:
  • Withdrawn from Account No.
  • Deposited to Account No.
  • Total Amount
  • Remarks
  • Transfer Type
Click the Confirm button to confirm the transaction (Fund Transfer).

You will then receive the following Transaction Acknowledgment:

Transfer of Funds Metrobank 3

Details of the Transaction Acknowledgment are:
  • Transaction Reference No.
  • Host Sequence No.
  • Withdrawn from Account No.
  • Deposited to Account No.
  • Total Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • Remarks
  • Transfer Type
  • Template Name

At the same, you will receive a Notification from Metrobank to your email:

Email from Metrobank


Fund transfer in Metrobank applies in Metrobank accounts only. So, you cannot transfer money/funds from your Metrobank account to other banks (such as BDO, BPI, LandBank, Unionbank, etc.)

This service is very useful when you want to send money to your friends, relatives or family. Transfer of money from your Metrobank account to another Metrobank account is just a few click away.

What's so cool about this fund transfer with Metrobank online banking? It's free of charge.

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Total comments : 18
Kries   (15 March 2018 11:53 AM)
Hi! Gusto ko sana mag transfer ng fund sa kapatid ko, pero walang option sa app ang fund transfer sa ibang banko. Wala ba talagang option, or mag kakaroon ba in the future? Thanks

Megan dela cruz   (29 July 2017 7:09 AM)
I wanna transfer using online

anne   (30 March 2017 2:50 PM)
Ask ko lang po. Nag ffund transfer ako lately. Pero may service charge na lagi ng P25.00? Dati naman po ay wala. Sayang din kasi yung P25.00. Dapat free of charge na lang po. Hassle po kasi minsan magpunta ng bank para mag withdraw kung pwede naman itransfer sa ATM. Thanks po.

geraldine osia   (26 February 2017 10:24 AM)
hello, just want to ask if metrobank ka lng ba pwd magtransfer ng money? if not how to transfer money from other bank account like bpi, bdo etch. thanks po.

Chari   (24 September 2016 8:54 AM)
how much is the limit per transaction of unregistered account ???
Im using fund transfer to my metrodirect online i cannot transfer because im over the limit.

Nizza Lee Dandan   (14 April 2016 5:17 AM)
Good Day!

I am OFW from KSA. I am enrolled to Online Banking and also I have left a Remittance ATM Card to my mother for them. Please help me this is the first time I will send to the said account with the account#
REM************* I already done what you instructed but on acct # which I want to send money I cannot enter the REM only the 13digits #. and when I am in the confirm steps of sending there's a prompt that the acct number I want to send was invalid. But they already confirmed it personally to Metrobank and the acct number is correct... Please please email me what to do.

Thanks a lot. God bless.

Jessfrey   (22 February 2016 5:50 AM)
Meron po akong debit card, hinuhulugan ko po dito sa Kuwait... Pero sa pinas ko po sya kinuha... Pano ko po malalaman Kung pumasok n ung pera s atm debit card ko...
At papano rin po ako mkakapag transfer ng pera sa isa Kung atm card. Metro bank din po sya... Para d pinas

ROB   (17 February 2016 11:41 PM)

JSI   (11 February 2016 2:42 AM)
Can I do a wire transfer online from my Metrobank Checking Account to my US bank account? If so, how (please provide details), how much would it cost and how long would it take?

corazon marcos   (12 November 2015 4:48 PM)

Edwin Tiamngo   (06 August 2015 6:12 PM)
Will there be a chance you will extend your services to be able to Transfer funds to a non-metrobank account soon, and just imposed charges for every transaction that was made?

thony   (04 August 2015 4:45 AM)
I cannot transfer my atm fund to my world cash card

sunshine   (29 July 2015 12:37 PM)
FYI. this online feature transfer of metrobank to enrolled third part account is NOT totally free. i transferred to my mother's acct first week of july and was not charged. however when i transferred again in the last week of july i was charged with 25PHP.

Tyronne Labagan   (22 July 2015 4:56 PM)
Good day. How much is the service charge for international fund request, how much is the maximum fund to be transfered and can I use fund transfer service twice a day..Thank you

Olive odassco   (11 July 2015 9:11 AM)
how to view fund transfer histories including the names of the account receiver?
Thank you and god bless

Denylynn Farinas   (23 June 2015 3:57 PM)
may i ask how to register another metrobank account. Because i've tried to transfer funds to an unregistered account and it usually have a 5k limit only...
i wanted to transfer more than 5k.

thank you

admin   (24 June 2015 8:51 AM)
Denylynn, you can change the transaction limit of Fund Transfer by going to MANAGE ACCOUNTS --> Manage Transaction Limit --> and change the limit of Fund Transfer (to Unregistered Account). Php 5,000 is the default limit. Example, you may change it to Php 20,000 or Php 100,000 or any amount you want.

al randy   (04 June 2015 7:45 AM)
I cant get one time password