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ChinaBank List of Transaction Fees/Charges

To give you easy reference and more convenience in transacting with ChinaBank, we provide you a list of ChinaBank banking fees or transaction charges.
List of Fees or Charges of ChinaBank Transactions/Services

Manager's Check/Gift CheckPhp 30.00 per check
Interbranch Transactions
(for over-the-counter inter-regional transactions only)

  • Peso Cash Deposit
PhP50.00 for every PhP 100,000.00 or fraction thereof
  • Peso Cash Withdrawal or Encashment
Foreign Currency Notes Deposit with More Than Fifty (50) Pieces in Small Denominations
(USD 20 or EUR 20 and below: not applicable for CNY)
¼% of the total amount of small denominations or minimum of USD 10 EUR 10
Demand Drafts(available for USD/EUR only)
  • US Dollar
PhP 100.00
  • Euro (with additional charge for SWIFT and clearing of draft)
PhP 200.00 + EUR 5.00
Bank CertificationPhP 100.00 per certification
Interim/Cut-off/Reprint Statement of Account (SOA)PhP 50.00 per month
Stop Payment Order (SPO) Application FeePhP 100.00 per check
  • Personal
PhP 165.00 per booklet
  • Commercial
PhP 330.00 per booklet
Replacement of Lost Passbook
  • Peso Deposit Accounts
PhP 100.00
  • Foreign Currency Deposit Accounts
PhP 200.00
ATM Transactions
  • Balance Inquiry

    • via China Bank ATM
Free or No Charge
    • via BancNet/Megalink/ExpressNet
PhP 1.00
  • Withdrawals

    • via China Bank ATM
Free or No Charge
    • via BancNet/Megalink/ExpressNet
PhP 10.00
ATM TellerCard ReplacementPhP 100.00
InterBank Fund Transfer(to BancNet member banks)
  • via China Bank ATM
PhP 25.00
  • via China Bank Online

    • China Bank Online
PhP 25.00
    • China Bank Online Corporate
PhP 150.00

Note: This list represents the most common fees/charges only.

The above fees, charges, and penalties are subject to change from time to time at the Bank's sole and absolute discretion. The Bank, after posting of the corresponding notice in the conspicuous places in the Bank's premises and after giving notice to depositors in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), may impose new deposit or balance requirements, interest rates, fees, charges, and penalties, and change such deposit or balance requirements, interest rates, taxes, fees, charges, and penalties for its products and services for such amounts as may be imposed/fixed by the Bank, the BSP, the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), and other regulatory agencies or central monitoring bodies or entities. These new/revised deposit or balance requirements, interest rates, taxes, fees, charges, and penalties shall be binding on and/or payable by you subject to applicable regulations whether or not you have knowledge of our announcement.

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