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How to Check Your Balance in BDO ShopMore MasterCard (Credit Card) Online?

Checking the account balance of your BDO ShopMore MasterCard (Credit Card) through ATM might be a bit tedious for you. Maybe it's a waste of time or money to go to an ATM machine just inquire your credit card balance. With the advent of computer and internet technology, you can access or inquire your BDO ShopMore MasterCard (credit card) balance through BDO's online banking facility. With a click of a button and with and a 24/7 internet service, you can access your credit card account anytime and anywhere you are. But how?
Check BDO ShopMore Credit Card Balance Online

How to Inquire your BDO ShopMore Credit Card Balance Online?

There are three options:

1.) You can access your BDO ShopMore Credit Card account through BDO's online banking service. But before you can do that, first you must enroll your BDO ShopMore MasterCard account to BDO's online banking facility. This might help you: "How to Apply for BDO Online Banking?". Just follow the steps provided in the article.

With BDO's online banking service, you can enjoy the following useful features:
  • Access or inquire your accounts (including your BDO ShopMore MasterCard account) 24/7 anytime.
  • You can check your account balances and transactions for the past three (3) months.
  • You can pay your bills (phone/internet bills, electric bills, water bills, credit card bills, loan amortizations, etc.).
  • Transfer money to your own BDO account or another person's BDO account.
  • Load your mobile phone (available networks that can be reloaded are Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk and Text and Sun Cellular).
  • Inquire promo updates

2.) Access your BDO ShopMore Credit Card through BDO Mobile Banking. How to use BDO Mobile Banking? BDO Mobile Banking is linked to your BDO online banking account. What you need to do is to install the BDO Mobile App on your iOS phone (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android smartphones/tablet. Search for "BDO Mobile Banking" app from the App Store (if you're using apple iOS phones/tablets) or from Google Play (if you're using android phone/tablets). Make sure that the name appearing under the app thumbnail is BDO Unibank, Inc.

BDO Mobile Banking Check Balance

Take note: You cannot access or use BDO Mobile Banking if you're not yet enrolled to BDO's online banking facility. So, you need to enroll first to BDO's online banking before you can access BDO Mobile Banking. All services and features of BDO Mobile Banking are the same with BDO Online Banking.

3.) You inquire your account balance by using BDO Quick Inquiry service. The website url of this service is https://www.clg.bdo.com.ph/web/clg/quick-inquiry

BDO Quick Inquiry Balance

With this service, you must input Card Number of you BDO ShopMore Master Card, your date of birth and the card's expiration date. This service will let you view some details (account balance) of your credit card.

Do you find it useful and convenient to use the BDO's Online Banking service?

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Joan Gonzales   (30 April 2018 3:12 PM)

HOw can i pay bdo shopmore credit card using bdo debit card online?I already enrolled it as a biller..What should I choose Mastercard alone or Sm Partners credit card?If I pay it online does my credit limit increase automatically because i pay it earLy?thanks

virgilio r. esclanda   (18 December 2016 4:47 PM)

pwede ko ba i renew yung credit card ko BDO shop more di ko na nagamit kase na expired na noong august 2011.

virgilio r. esclanda   (18 December 2016 4:44 PM)

pwede ko ba i renew yung credit card ko BDO shop more di ko na nagamit kase na expired na noong august 2011.