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Latest Metrobank Time Deposit Interest Rates

These are the interest rates of Metrobank's Time Deposit (TD). Currency is in Philippine Pesos.

Metrobank Time Deposit Interest Rates as of September 2013

Amount1 - 2 months2 - 6 months6 mos. - 1 year
10K < 50K0.2500.2500.500
50K < 200K0.2500.5000.750
200K < 500K0.3750.6250.875
500K < 1MM0.5000.7501.000
1MM < 5MM0.6250.8751.125
5MM < 9.99MM0.7501.0001.250
10MM < 19.99MM0.8751.1251.375
20MM and over0.8751.1251.375

Metrobank TD Extra Interest Rates as of September 2013

Amount30 days90 days
50K < 200K0.25000.5000
200K < 500K0.37500.6250
500K < 1MM0.50000.7500
1MM and over0.62500.8750

Take note of the following:
  1. These interest rates are INDICATIVE and are subject to change without notice. Please confirm with Metrobank branch upon making placements.
  2. Rates are quoted net of Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) except for Peso TD.
  3. For other amounts, please call Metrobank's branch.
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7 eric   (01 October 2013 10:22 PM)
hello, good day po.. Why did I just earn 1,000 pesos only for my 200,000 time deposit for 6 months? 1.1255% is the rate indicated on that time deposit. Who knows why? Please explain.

6 adrian abinal   (19 September 2013 4:42 AM)
good day. If I have 500,000 pesos time deposit for one year, how much does it earn less tax etc. I mean the net that it could earn in one year thanks.

4 eric   (16 November 2012 8:38 PM)
Sir, if I'll put 100,000 pesos for a time deposit, how much is the rate it could earn in 1 year. How much it could earn?

5 admin   (16 November 2012 9:14 PM)
eric, it depends on your holding period. If you go for 1 year, your P100,000 will earn 2%.

2% of P100,000 is P2,000. So, you can earn as much as P2,000 from your P100,000 in 1 year Time Deposit.

3 jesfer krench parado   (12 October 2012 2:51 PM)
Hi. Is your time deposit promo still available. If I deposit 12,000, is it possible that I could avail a credit card?

2 laurence g. angeles   (02 September 2012 9:17 PM)
Is it allowed to withdraw in time deposit even if it doesn't reach to 6 months?

1 Chris   (04 August 2012 4:32 PM)
Which is the best RD and what are the interest rates of recurring deposits in banks and in post offices??