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Requirements in Opening a Metrobank Savings Account

Preparing the requirements for opening a Metrobank Savings Account before going to a Metrobank branch can surely save you time and money.

This is to avoid going back and forth when you lack the requirements needed.

What are the requirements?

Requirements in Opening Metrobank Savings Account

Requirements for Opening a Metrobank Savings Account

  1. At least two (2) valid id's. One (1) valid id should bear a photo (with your personal picture in the ID) such as school/student's ID, company/office ID, or government-issued ID's such as Postal ID, Voter's ID, Driver's License ID, Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID), PhilHealth ID, Senior Citizen ID, etc. The other ID you can bring could be a supplementary ID (a non photo-bearing ID) such as NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Baranggay Certificate. It's recommended to photocopy or scan your valid ID's. This is in case the Metrobank branch will need them.
  2. Initial Deposit. The initial deposit will depend on the type of Metrobank account you want to open. The regular Metrobank ATM account has an initial deposit of ₱2,000. If you want to open a Metrobank Passbook Account, the initial deposit is ₱10,000. This initial deposit is not a service charge. You can withdraw this anytime you want.
  3. 2 Pieces 1 x 1 picture or 2 x 2 picture (colored). It's recommended to submit a recent picture. Not the one when you're still in high school..LOL.

These are all the requirements.

You can now go to a Metrobank branch and open an account.

Happy banking with Metrobank!

If you have questions about opening a Metrobank bank account, just tell us in the comment below.


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