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How to Open a Metrobank Savings Account in Singapore?

One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Metrobank is finding more ways to reach more customers.

Filipinos can now open a Metrobank Savings Account in Singapore.

This is very beneficial for the OFWs who want to save money or send money to their love ones in the Philippines.

If you have a Metrobank account and if it's enrolled in MetrobankDirect (Metrobank's online banking facility), you can transfer money to your love ones in the Philippines with a click of a mouse.

You may ask "How can I open a Metrobank Savings Account in Singapore?. What are the requirements to bring?". Here are simple steps you may follow:
Open Metrobank Savings Account in Singapore
1. First, you have to locate the Metrobank Singapore branch. The branch is called Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd.

It is located in 304 Orchard Road, #03-30 Lucky Plaza, Singapore. You can contact them at their phone numbers: 65 6734-4648 / 65 6734-2748 / +65 6734 8035.
2. Prepare and bring the following requirements:
  • 2 valid ID's (photo-bearing ID's)
  • 2 pcs. 2x2 pictures
  • Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR (for non-residents)
  • Initial deposit (any amount you want)
3. The best type of account you can open is the Metrobank OFW Peso Savings Account. Why? Because it has no initial deposit and no maintaining balance.

But you need to deposit some amount of money.

Because how can you transact or how can you send money to your love ones if you don't have money on your Metrobank account?

By the way, Metrobank OFW Peso Savings Account can earn an interest.

It comes with Passbook or ATM Card.

You can choose ATM Card for easy access.

You can send or give this ATM card to your love ones in the Philippines.

In case you want to send money to them, you can deposit to that account and let your love ones use the ATM card and withdraw money in any ATM machine with BancNet or MegaLink or ExpressNet logo.

You can use the ATM card to buy in any MasterCard-affiliated stores worldwide!
If you send Singapore dollar in Metrobank Singapore branch, it will be converted to Philippine peso in the Philippines. Thus, it will save your love ones from the hassle of changing the Singapore dollar to Philippine peso in the Philippines.
You can enjoy the benefits of Metrobank's online banking system (MetrobankDirect) if you enroll your account to it. Transfer money online. Pay your bills online. Access your account and transactions online and many other convenient features.
If you are in the Philippines at this moment, it's a good opportunity to open this type of account right now while you're here in the Philippines.
4. Another type of account you can open is the Metrobank World Cash Card. It's like an ATM also. Yes, it has no initial deposit and no maintaining balance. But it doesn't earn interest. Another big disadvantage is it is not insured with the PDIC.
Choose what's best for you.
Do you have any problem opening a Metrobank account in Singapore?

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ismail [Entry]

HI I am a Singaporean and my wife is from Philippines.Can I open an account in Singapore so that whenever we go back to Philippines its easier for me to access the cash
Joice [Entry]

Hi,,I am a domestic helper here in sg,,what if i dont have that ACR,,,is it impossible for me to apply?and what does "you can use the atm card to buy from any mastercard affiliated stores worldwide" means?looking forward to your response..
Thank you very much.
Nhel [Entry]

Hi, i am a domestic helpet here in sg, i just want to ask if i dont have the ARC, is this means that i cant open an account in metro bank, please me thnks..
jelly [Entry]

how i can open mastercard here in singapore? do i can use it here drawing money or paying if cashless?
Melisa Butalid [Entry]

Hi Good morning im planning to open Savings account but I have only Long term visit pass is it qualified to open an account ?
Thank you please dont hesitate to contact me in my email address.
Desiree padilla [Entry]

How to open?singapore can?
Rizza Mae G. Peralta [Entry]

Hi! I'm planning to open a Savings account but I only have my IC as identification card. Is it enough to open an account? How long will it take for the processing? For online banking, can I transfer money to other Philippine Banks (e.g. BPI, BDO, LandBank)?

Thank you.