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Carefully Choose Solid Wood Flooring

Interview, the vast majority of the floor sales business in unison, solid wood flooring generally can not do to warm the floor. "Floor radiant heating wood flooring technology and acceptance (WB/T1037-2008) provides that, in order to improve the stability of the floor size, composite floor structure should be adopted, lateral pressure, restructuring, and the bottom slot with caution solid wood flooring. Outdoor waterproof floor

Carefully choose solid wood flooring

As we all know, a lot of the advantages of solid wood flooring, looks high-end, comfortable, durable under normal circumstances. The low thermal conductivity of the solid wood flooring, affected by the external environment, easy to crack or shrink, not suitable for use to warm environment. Wood and wood products wooden floors and circulation Circulation Association Professional Committee of Deputy Secretary-General Hu Huijun said, the wood easily deformed, require special handling, the product structure, moisture content and other indicators to meet the requirements, to ensure that the floor will not be deformed by hot and cold.

China Construction Metal Structure Association radiation heating and cooling Committee Technical Director Zhang Bao-hong also hold the same view, solid wood flooring is not recommended for warm, cracking because of its own in air humidity inappropriate circumstances, solid wood flooring is also involved in the construction of the keel, too much trouble, if not handled properly, can lead to problems such as deformation of the floor. If we want to do with solid wood flooring to warm the floor, consumers need to buy specially treated will not be deformed, such as high temperature carbonization of solid wood flooring. Inexpensive composite decking

Give priority to safety and environmental protection

To warm the floor is mostly wood flooring or laminate flooring, both floors are made of multi-layered structure, each layer between the basic adhesive bonding, adhesives often contain formaldehyde. High-quality flooring formaldehyde content in line with national standards, emissions do not cause harm to humans, and the poor quality of the floor most of the formaldehyde content exceeded excessive daily use formaldehyde emission will, to warm will get worse.

Under the national standard GB/T18102-2007 laminate flooring, formaldehyde emission points, strengthen the wooden floor of the E0 and E1, two-level floor formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5 mg / L and ≤ 1.5 mg / L. Parquet national standard GB/T18103-2000 requirements, the products are divided into Class A parquet (formaldehyde emission ≤ 9mg/100g) and Class B parquet (formaldehyde emission> 9 to 40mg/100g).

Under normal circumstances, floor heating work, pipe temperature often reached 40 to 45 ° C. According to estimates, at 30 ℃, flooring formaldehyde emission is more than 10 times at 15 ℃, while the floor formaldehyde release cycle is generally more than 10 years, therefore, be used in the the winter doors and windows closed environment to warm the requirements of the environmental performance of the floor is much higher than ordinary usage. Experts suggest that consumers to choose to warm the floor to carefully review the product identification, particularly in relation to product safety and environmental protection indicators, such as formaldehyde emission. Wood plastic composite flooring


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