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China XBP Gold Ore Separation Production Drawing Detailed Product Description

SF flotation machine is used to separate non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic minerals and chemical raw materials.
China xbm gold ore separation Produciton Drawing Detailed Product Description 

1. Large inhaling capacity,
2. Low consumption. 
3. Reasonable circulation 

Please contact telephone number:0086 611


SF8 flotation machine used for ore 
flotation high upgrade 15% 
Long Service life flotator 
Save work force and power

SF flotation machine instructions: 
SF flotation machine is used to separate non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic minerals and chemical raw materials, recycle the useful minerals. The device has the following characteristics: the giant inspiratory volume, low power consumption. Each slot has three features, that’s inhale, absorb the pulp and flotation. It’s automatic flotation circuit, there is no need of any auxiliary equipment. The configuration is horizontal, which can ease the changes of process. Slurry circulation is reasonable, it can reduce the coarse sand deposits to the greatest degree. With pulp surface-controlled device, it’s convenient to adjust.

Structural features: 

1, An impeller is equipped with a backward-type double-sided blade, thus the double-loop of the pulp in tank can be realized 
2, There is a larger space between the impeller and the cover plate, and so the inspiratory is giant.
3, The impeller circumferential velocity is low, so the wearing parts�?life span is long. 
4, The tank is forward-style, the dead angles are small, and the bubble velocity is fast. 
Functional Features:

Raise the exquisite article by 4-6%

Raise the recovery rate by 8%

Raise a yield by 12%

The remained slurry flows to the next trough until becomes residue

XJK series inflatable mechanical mix-type flotation machine

Volume (m3)
Impeller Diameter (mm)200250300350500600
Capacity (m3/min)0.05-0.160.12-0.280.18-0.40.3-0.90.6-1.61.5-3.5
Impeller speed (r/min)600500470400330280
Scraper speed (r/min)17.517.517.5262626
Impeller motorModelY100L1-4Y90L-4Y90L-4Y100L2-6Y132M2-6Y160L-6
Power (KW)
Scraper motorModelY80M1-4Y80M1-4Y80M2-4Y80M2-4Y90S-4Y90S-4
Power (KW)0.550.550.750.751.11.1

SF series

inflatable mechanical mix-type flotation machine

Please contact :Telephone number:0086 611

Volume (m3)0.370.71.22.84
Impeller Diameter (mm)300350450550650
Capacity (m3/min)0.2-0.40.3-0.90.6-1.21.5-3.50.5-4
Impeller speed (r/min)352400312268238
Impeller motorModelY90L-4Y100L2-4Y132M2-6Y160L-6Y180L-6
Power (KW)1.535.51115
Scraper motorModelY90S-4Y90S-4Y90S-4Y90S-4Y90S-4
Power (KW)






Flotation machine suppliers

Contact person:cassie ai 
E-mail: [email protected] 
Tel: 0086-371-67996871 0086-371-67996872 
Flotation machine: http://www.china-xbm.com/Beneficiation_equipments/34.html
Flotation machine: http://www.xbzg.com/Product/beneficiations/28.html 
Flotation machine: http://www.china-xingbang.com/19.html

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