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Copping Sneakers the Right Way!

Getting your hands on the latest limited-edition products is one of the most challenging things you can do. This is especially true in the sneaker game. As sneakers are very popular and almost everyone wants to have the latest shoes that represent their personality, getting them online before it dries out is difficult. That’s why you need help to cop sneakers. But how and what needs to be done? Let’s discuss.

Copping sneakers the right way

How to Cop Sneaker

As you may already have noticed, you seldom get success by following the traditional manual approach. The time it takes for you to find the right product, add them to the cart, and checkout, somehow always is greater. 

It’s not your fault and your internet connection is also not slower than the others. Whoever buys limited edition sneakers for their personal use or reselling, takes the help of technology to get it done before you. And when the online stock runs dry and you go to the retailers for the same product, they charge you manifolds. 

Whether you want to buy sneakers for your use or are trying to resell at a higher price, it’s for the best that you use sneaker bots to try to accomplish your objective. Sneaker bots are automated programs that send multiple requests in a minute through the website and increase the chances of your success in getting the best products.

But, you can’t just buy a bot and start copping. Multiple requests on the website from the same source will temporarily or permanently block you. Using sneaker proxies and a server setup is what you need with the bot to successfully checkout multiple sneakers. Sneaker proxies help your bots mask their origin of requests to not get caught by the websites. 

Don’t let automation, proxy, and bot fool you. You don’t need a single bit of programming or computer science knowledge to get started. The services are affordable and are readily available with a single Google search.


What Do You Need for a Successful Sneaker Copping

As we discussed before, you need a compelling bot, a privacy-focused proxy, and a fast server to cop sneakers whenever they are available. 

Sneaker Bot

You’ll notice that a sneaker you want to have will be sold out even before you could add it to the cart. That’s because thousands of other people are also trying to get their hands on the same shoe at the same time. 

A sneaker bot is a program that automates the checkout by adding the sneakers onto the cart faster than any human can. By automating sneaker copping, you can improve your chances of quickly making the purchase before the stock dries down. 

Be picky about the bot you choose for copping sneakers. Not all bots are designed for the same. When buying a sneaker bot, always check the spec sheets for:

  • Make sure the bot has captcha solving capabilities as most e-commerce sites nowadays require you to solve a captcha before checking out. 

  • The bot should have the feature to choose different billing details automatically. If you keep ordering shoes with the same billing details, you’ll soon be blocked out. 

  • Your bot must be capable of picking different sneakers parallelly. You’ll have a better chance of purchasing the most amount of sneakers by having this feature. 

  • Make sure that your bot works on your operating system. 

Sneaker Proxy

Websites, as part of their security measure, ban IP addresses that send an abnormal number of requests to their server. A bot does exactly the same. It sends an outrageous number of requests in a matter of seconds to the website to ensure that the products are added to the cart.

As a huge number of buyers queue up when the sneakers go live, a massive number of bots can slow down or crash the website. To prevent that, the websites take countermeasures by blocking them out even before they can start acting on the project. 

Since you must use the bots, using sneaker proxies alongside them that forward your requests through different locations are mandatory. It’s important that you only use the best proxies to confirm that the websites can’t differentiate between a real user and a bot. 

In addition to ensuring that you get your favorite pair of sneakers, the proxies also let you buy multiple pairs of sneakers for reselling. But to bypass the per person limit, your proxy must offer some attributes such as:


Everyone is using bots nowadays to cop sneakers. If your proxy isn’t fast enough, you don’t stand a chance to even buy a single pair, let alone three. Your choice of proxy needs to forward the requests originating from the bots faster than the other ones.


It’s futile to use a proxy if it can’t mask your IP and location from the website that you are preying on. An effective proxy should be able to hide your IP and replace it with a different address to ensure a successful sneaker purchase. 

As the websites now can differentiate between user requests and bot requests, it’s critical that you choose the best proxy services available.

A Pool of IP Addresses

Your bot is going to send thousands of requests when the timer hits zero. Your proxy needs to support it by providing a different IP for each request. While it’s impractical to expect a proxy pool to have thousands of IPs, you can expect an efficient rotation of Ip addresses to ensure that your bot isn’t detected by the websites. 

Sneaker Server

Not a mandatory element to have. But a fast server, hosting the bot and proxy, geographically close to the website’s location, can increase your chances of copping sneakers. 

Tips for a Smooth Sneaker Copping

Join Discord Groups

Keep track of the latest offers and sale timings by joining the discord groups dedicated to sneakers that you want. Most popular online news portals also post articles about the latest limited-edition sneaker offers from your favorite clubs.

Consider Different Sneaker Sizes

When copping sneakers for reselling, don’t try to only target a single size. Setup your bot to keep an eye out for all available sizes. You’ll have a better chance of booking the sneakers if you set a broader target.

Use Different Billing Details

Don’t use the same billing account for all the orders to avoid raising red flags. Use your proxy to access the website from different locations and use several different modes of payment and cards to cop the sneakers. 

The Bottom Line

By following this article, you should now be able to cop sneakers without sacrificing a good night’s sleep and your mental peace. Buy a bot from a trusted source, get a fast proxy with a large IP pool, rent a server to initiate a faster connection, and you’ll have a considerable edge over others. Happy copping!

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