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Make the mining company more profitable

Small and medium enterprise are all insufficient in fund themselves, to the company development, choosing a high quality equipment is very important. The brass tag indices of the company is to buy the high quality product with less money, in a professional speaking, to buy a product with high performance.

With prosperous development of the China economy, the city construction, transportation build, as well as the social new village construction has been the urgent fairs. This phenomenon has attracted all the investors eyes in this industry, they preview the wide prospect of this market, in order to create much bigger profit space, various companies that engaged in the mining ,architecture,construction,railway all consider how to choose the equipment to make the safety of engineer project ensured and at the same time, reduce the cost that invested in the whole plant.

Due to high performance in a low cost, that sanyyo machinery feature a high quality and outstanding after service, in buying their machine, many of the mining crusher industry all receive high achievement, in a word, if the small and medium enterprise are aims to obtain big profit. It is inadvisable to make tricks in the mining machine itself. It is only improve the machine quality itself did it is a long term policy.

After having a good commanding, Hongxing mobile stone crushing machine, mine preference, mining machine and large size mining machine like this all win the confirmation of the companies in this industry, and the price is also reasonable for small enterprise and medium size enterprise.

If the equipment manufacturing industry upgrades, research-and-development-oriented enterprises will benefit. We think that the comparative advantage of the labor cost in China machinery industry is disappearing, so the upgrade of equipment manufacturing industry is the only way to success. At present the r&d investment is only that of about 2 percent for the 204 listed enterprises in our country machinery industry. But according to the fact that In America the R&D fees reach 6 percent for the 245 listed mechanical enterprises, the research and development investment of China machinery industry is insufficient. Looking from the American development experience, if an enterprise increases its r&d investment dramatically, its business performance and the profit level will improve greatly in the next 5 to 10 years, and excess returns of these listed companies is also much higher than that companies with less investment.


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