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MLhuillier KPTN - Transaction Number Sample

When you send money to someone through MLhuillier, you are required to fill-out a Send-out form which also serves as a receipt. You can see this form or receipt in the screenshot below.
MLhuillier KPTN number

Filling out the form is so simple.

You just write your name, mobile phone number and the amount you want to send.

After that, a KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number) will be generated. Did you see it in the screenshot above?

MLhuillier KPTN has 18 digits as of this date.

The digits might be increased or combined with letters as the total number of transactions grows.

KPTN is very important for your receiver to receive the money. If the receiver cannot present a KPTN, MLhuillier doesn't allow him/her to receive the money.

So, if you are the receiver of the money, you should immediately take note of the KPTN number?

Do you have any problem with your MLhuillier KPTN (number)?

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Nurmayza nakan   (24 May 2018 5:49 AM)
I'm trying to track the money if they pick up but I don't know how.somebody can tell me how??

camille castro   (25 March 2017 9:02 PM)
i trying to track the money if allready pick up but your site said its wrong number how can i knowing it please let me know

Emerald Montillano   (12 January 2017 1:34 PM)
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