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MLhuillier KPTN - Transaction Number Sample

When you send money to someone through MLhuillier, you are required to fill-out a Send-out form which also serves as a receipt. You can see this form or receipt in the screenshot below.
MLhuillier KPTN number

Filling out the form is so simple.

You just write your name, mobile phone number and the amount you want to send.

After that, a KPTN (Kwarta Padala Transaction Number) will be generated. Did you see it in the screenshot above?

MLhuillier KPTN has 18 digits as of this date.

The digits might be increased or combined with letters as the total number of transactions grows.

KPTN is very important for your receiver to receive the money. If the receiver cannot present a KPTN, MLhuillier doesn't allow him/her to receive the money.

So, if you are the receiver of the money, you should immediately take note of the KPTN number?

Do you have any problem with your MLhuillier KPTN (number)?

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Daian Leguisan   (16 April 2019 10:28 AM)

Hi ML,

Hi admin I just want to know how much the money sent to me yesterday and the senders name because i dont know who it is. I already received the kptn number but my problem is i dont know who is the senders.
thanks admin..

Jab   (10 December 2018 12:09 PM)

Hi ML,

I wanted to know how can I get another copy of the send out form confirmation I sent last July 13, 2017 for the amount of 4,115.00. I have the name of the receiver but i dont have the reference of the KTN number since Ive misplaced the paper. I sent the money in mhuiller eastwood libis branch. Need the copy for legal puroposes.

Your quick response will be highly apprecited.


Xinta   (15 October 2018 9:54 AM)

Hi ML,

I applied for a loan at Tala Philippines and I was approve last Friday. They just gave me 14 digits KPTN. Can I claim it because I have my govt id, and it is named under me also I know the senders name. How can you assist me?


Rose ann Zafe   (08 October 2018 10:30 PM)

this kptn number BDO3087690780 IS READY TO PICK UP THANK YOU

Juliet Kasil   (08 August 2018 6:12 AM)

Good day admin i just want to know how much the money was sent to me yesterday i got confirmation code from ml.Here is my kptn 0680 721 8716 316 3108

Rowell Salvador   (24 July 2018 10:48 AM)

Hi ML,

My father sent me money but we had a problem. The KPTN that he sent me was erroneously typed via SMS. When I was about to claim the money, I wasn't allowed because of the invalid KPTN. I asked my father to go check the receipt but he said he already threw it away. he went to the branch where he sent the money to possibly get the correct KPTN but he was not given and was asked for an identification card. unfortunately, my father doesn't have one but he was already a long time customer of MLhuiller. He was then advised to get a police clearance instead. My question is, as I know if you are a first time customer they will get your information and would even take a picture of you to be uploaded on their system. How should my father be able to get the correct KPTN in some other ways? I am pretty much confident that he can verify all his information but he just really don't have an identification card. I know getting a police clearance is for security purposes but it's already a waste of time. Please can anyone advise me what to do so I can relay it to my father. Thanks!

admin   (24 July 2018 11:22 AM)

Hi Rowell, I'm sorry to what happened to you.

The only way to get a copy of the KPTN is to go the MLhuillier branch where he transacted and present the required valid ID for identity verification.

Erlinda Barcelon   (15 June 2018 6:35 AM)

I have a cash out transaction from coins.pH. It was scheduled for pick up today, 6/15/2018. I haven't received any texts from m.lhuiller.

Nurmayza nakan   (24 May 2018 5:49 AM)

I'm trying to track the money if they pick up but I don't know how.somebody can tell me how??

camille castro   (25 March 2017 9:02 PM)

i trying to track the money if allready pick up but your site said its wrong number how can i knowing it please let me know

Emerald Montillano   (12 January 2017 1:34 PM)

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