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Power of Illusion, Power of Illusion

Power of Illusion, Power of Illusion
"""In my most recent writings, I highlighted the fatal faults of the dominant paradigm at the moment—the materialism-based, dualistic paradigm. Not only does materialism fall short in explaining many crucial facets of reality, but its logical foundation is flawed as well.

Despite the fact that there is ample evidence for all of these events and that they are statistically indisputable, materialism is unable to account for past life recollection, reincarnation, near death experiences, telepathy, telekinesis, and other similar phenomena. Yet science seems to be hanging on to this false belief system, this illusion, at all costs despite the fact that materialism is unable to explain the genesis of life on Earth, speciation, or awareness.

The basic logic of materialism is also flawed since matter, which it regards as being essential, may be transformed into energy and back into matter. Unquestionably, this conversion occurs every day thanks to nuclear energy and particle accelerators. This change is not possible if matter is indeed the most fundamental substance and the ultimate source of all creation.

There must be a common operating principle (CFP) via which the conversion takes place for matter to be turned into energy and for energy to be converted into matter; the CFP of matter/energy must therefore be more fundamental than either matter or energy. Whatever the more fundamental CFP may be, matter and energy are its opposites.

The strength of illusionary belief is great, and it is illusion that limits mainstream science. The foundation of materialist science's dogmas is illusion; no evidence that the dominant paradigm or illusion is false is looked at or even acknowledged to exist. Except for a few mavericks who examine reality despite accepted doctrine, the taboo against such investigation is too strong for everyone.

The power of illusion has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout history. For instance, when people believed that the Earth was flat, they were scared to travel at sea for fear that they might ""fall off the edge."" Galileo demonstrated that the Earth is not the center of the universe, but the authorities—in this case, Catholic Church cardinals—refused to look through his telescope. The evidence was off limits due to taboo. Looking and seeing would have required them to acknowledge that their illusions, or false beliefs, were incorrect.

The illusion of a flat world eventually dissipates, and sailors can then navigate the oceans without worrying about ""falling off the edge."" Science and cosmology advanced without any obstacles once the misconception that the Earth is at the center of the cosmos was dispelled.

The sense of power is the grandest delusion of them all. Particularly, the concepts of actual power and perceived power are mixed together. Undoubtedly, the US military is the strongest in the entire globe. There is no question about the inherent destructive potential of the numerous firearms, bullets, rockets, and explosives this military controls. The delusion is that this terrible power is under the authority of a single person, the Commander in Chief. The delusion is that a single person controls hundreds of thousands of people, and that the ""chain of command"" actually demonstrates genuine power.

The chain of command is a fiction; it only has influence while it is still an illusion. Revolutions, military stand-downs, civil conflicts, and mutinies are all instances of illusions being destroyed. Illusion is only effective until it is broken. Even when TPTB makes enormous attempts to keep an illusion alive, this is always the end result of illusion.

Communist ""commissars"" accompanied the troops in the Soviet military, which was once regarded as the second-greatest power on Earth, in order to ensure that orders were followed and that Communism's ideals were maintained at all costs. Threats, brainwashing, and indoctrination are employed to preserve the status quo and the dominant illusion, but eventually the illusion crumbles and its influence is lost.

We are currently experiencing the demise and impending disintegration of a significant illusion. Although Ebola is a terrible disease, it also highlights another delusion. The belief in the efficacy of conventional medicine will be dispelled at a spectacular rate if Ebola genuinely goes ""viral.""

An American doctor recently revealed the illusion in an interview by pointing to its heart. With the justification that ""we must act to prevent panic,"" many other doctors perceive the reality, see through the illusion, and see truth that is being concealed by ""the powers that be.""

Another American physician who recently returned from Sierra Leone has demonstrated that ozone blood therapy is a straightforward way for curing Ebola. The ozonation of blood destroys the Ebola virus and supports immune system control. Since Ebola is an autoimmune illness, the overreaction of the immune system to viral invasion appears to be the primary cause of symptoms and death.

To be blunt, there is no money to be made from ozone therapy, hence the powers that be won't permit it because it is taboo and it contradicts the widespread belief that vaccination is the solution. Ozone is quite cheap, and immunizations pay off.

The truth is that ozone therapy is illegal, and practicing doctors who use it risk losing their licenses. This ""license to practice,"" however, is really a piece of paper. When a horrible, imminent death is in danger, who cares about a piece of paper? Despite warnings from ""TPTB,"" some doctors are prepared to challenge the paradigm even though many of them continue to do so. Threat of losing the piece of paper is less serious than the threat of dying from Ebola.

The ability to heal people has true power, not the paper. The power of truth will easily defeat deception as it becomes clear that there is a simple, low-cost way to cure the horrifying Ebola virus and that some doctors are employing it to save lives. The medical establishment's influence will crumble and disperse like chaff in the wind.

This completes the circle back to the most pernicious and damaging delusion of all: the false belief that paper money issued by the government bearing numbers on it is indeed legal tender. The ability to manage and control the global economy for the advantage of the perpetrators at the expense of the rest of mankind, the victims, rests on this toxic fallacy.

Enormous power lies in the illusion of Fiat 'money'... but like all illusion, is subject to being shattered by truth. Once the illusion of the 'faith and credit' that purportedly backs Fiat currencies is destroyed, a new era of real money will emerge. Real money, Gold; not paper notes borrowed into existence without limit. Truth will replace the illusion and lies of Fiat.

Just as the power of a gun is real, but the power to command where the gun is aimed is an illusion, just as the power to cure disease is real but the license to cure is an illusion... so the power of Gold to extinguish debt is real but the power of Fiat is illusion."""

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